Welcome to Cross Current

For over 25 years, Cross Current has been providing its clients with business intelligence solutions to help them manage risk, increase efficiency and reduce costs. Founded by veterans of Bell Labs and academic computing, Cross Current Corporation has been developing client-centric software solutions, systems design, integration, automation, analytics and consulting. With an average tenure among software engineers exceeding 18 years, Cross Current brings a wealth of expertise and experience into every client engagement.

Healthcare Analytics

Delivering intelligent, actionable insights driven by our proven collection and analytics techniques. We synthesize data from disparate sources into single point solution. Receive real time, easy to use reporting delivered to your preferred device, allowing you to make timely decisions, identify issues, and take immediate action. Replace intuition with facts.

Technology Audits

Cross Current is a leading provider of technology audits. We conduct these audits for businesses across industries, Private Equity companies interested in investing in other companies, law firms interested in determining what is open source code and what is not and for companies interested in evaluating their own technology to determine if they should replace or update their product and operation suites.

Software Development

Cross Current develops custom and modifiable off-the-shelf, web-based solutions for commercial and public sector clients. With extensive expertise in Java, .NET, SharePoint, C#, SQL technologies, and over ten other programming languages, Cross Current is well suited to deliver your custom software development projects. We implement solid IT solutions.